Benefits for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

The aim of ImageSnippets is to create a superior way for users to annotate, manage, and share assets with communities through the open web using linked data resources.

This makes ImageSnippets an ideal platform for scholarly institutions, particularly those working in GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and especially for users in the LODLAM community: Linking Open Data, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

Semantic Search Options

The ImageSnippets tagging interface establishes complex relationships between keywords and creates fully searchable linked data. Our semantic search option allows users to find linked data with the help of ontology recognition and controlled vocabularies. DBpedia, Yago, Wikdata and The Getty vocabularies are used predominantly the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT), but custom vocabularies can be imported and/or engineered within the system as users build datasets.

Preserving Copyright Info

Another beneficial tool for image creators and curators alike is the way ImageSnippets preserves copyright information. The information is conveniently added but is not easily stripped from the file when sharing and publishing. The copyright information is always readily present and difficult to miss. Contributors can also share works directly from the application.

For example, web galleries created from within ImageSnippets are constantly updatable, meaning the metadata can be edited as more knowledge becomes available and this new information is “refreshed” across any platform where the asset has been shared.

Additionally, institutions can upload or tag their own collections or they can be assisted by one of our expert annotation team members.

We can also import images directly from the Flickr Commons - so adding linked data to collections you already have on line is quite easy.
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