This imagesubjectPhotography by Timothy H. O'Sullivan
This imagetitleAncient Ruins in the Caņon de Chelle
This imagecommentRuins of an Anasazi pueblo, called the "White House," in Caņon de Chelle, Arizona. From the series "Geographical explorations ans surveys west of the 100th meridian," sponsored by the US War Department, US Army Corps of Engineers. J. Paul Getty Museum
This imagehasSettingCanyon de Chelly
This imagehasPictorialBackgroundcanyon
This imageshowspueblo
This imageusesPictoriallyshadow
This imagehasArtisticElementcontrast
This imagehasArtisticElementlighting
This imagedepictslandscape art
This imagedepictslandscape
This imageDateCreated1873-01-01
This imagelocation
This imagestylerealism
This imagetechniquePhotochemical_print
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagetechniqueAlbumen_print
This imagecreatorTimothy_H._O'Sullivan