This imagesubjectetching by Kathe Kollwitz
This imagetitleWoman with Dead Child
This imagecommentShows one of Kollwitz's common themes, a mother's loss of child, in response to war. Often recall the pieta motif. The active lines convey emotion. Artist was empathetic to victims of poverty and war. National Gallery of Art
This imagehasArtisticElementpieta
This imageusesPictoriallymother
This imageusesPictoriallychild
This imageconveysgrief
This imagehasArtisticElementline
This imageDateCreated1903-01-01
This imagelocation
This imageScene010800
This imagestyleModernism
This imagestylerealism
This imagestyleFigurative_art
This imagestyleExpressionism
This imagetechniquePrintmaking
This imagetechniqueEtching
This imagecreatorK%C3%A4the_Kollwitz