This imagetitlePassage
This imagerightsCopyright 2021 Margaret Warren
This imageisIngroundinginmotioncal
This imageLicensorURL20211114_143807.html
This imagehasSceneLocationSausalito, California, United States
This imagewasCreatedAt1000000 (44.961)'W' which lat 37.8238398
This imagehasInForegroundrail
This imagecomment
This imagehasSettingGolden Gate Bridge
This imagehasInBackgroundfishing boat
This imagehasInBackgroundSailboat
This imagehasInBackgroundMarin Headlands
This imageusageTermsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons
This imageWebStatementCC BY-NC-ND
This imageDateCreated2021-11-14
This imageAltTextAccessibilityThe rails of the Golden Gate Bridge blurred with the Pacific ocean in the background. Some boats can be seen and the Marin County Headlands.
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren