This imagetitleAvalon
This imagecommentAvalon - as though I am heading over to a hidden island in the distance as the clouds and mists are just beginning to clear. Or maybe just the fantasy of such a place. Or maybe the island of Arthurian Legend. This work includes a Lazertran collage of an abstract photo melted into the wood and then colors worked around it.

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This imagehasTagtexture
This imagehasTagacrylic
This imagehasArtisticElementdepth of field
This imagehasArtisticElementcolor field
This imagehasArtisticElementBlue
This imagehasArtisticElementGreen
This imagehasArtisticElementblue-green
This imagedepictspainting
This imageconveysAvalon
This imagerightsCopyright 2015 Margaret Warren
This imageusageTermsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons
This imageWebStatementCC BY-NC-ND
This imageLicensorURLIMG_20171230_033241_843.html
This imageDateCreated2015
This imagematerialsAcrylic_paint
This imagematerials300011914
This imagematerialsLazertran_Waterslide_Decal_Paper
This imagestyleExpressionism
This imagestyleNonrepresentational
This imagestyleOrganic
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imagesubjectAcrylic painting with Photography
This imageExtDescrAccessibilitydiv>
This imageAltTextAccessibilitya blue green abstract color field style painting
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren