This imagetitle Deep Woods
This imagehasTagmmgallery01
This imagecommentA mixed-media work that uses acrylic paint and collaged print of the former GK Restorations junkyard using LazerTran Inkjet waterslide decal paper. This piece has been sold and is in a private collection.
This imagehasVisualPartRegion A
This imageisInmmgallery01
This imageshowsa road
This imageusesPictoriallya fence which isMadeOf wood
This imageshowstrees
This imageshowswoods
Region Ashowsjunkyard
This imageisInJunkyard Art
This imagerightsCopyright 2015 Margaret Warren
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This imageDateCreated2015-10-21
This imagematerialsAcrylic_paint
This imagematerials300162666
This imagematerialsLazertran_Waterslide_Decal_Paper
This imagematerialsWood
This imagetechniqueMixed_media
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imagesubjectMixed Media
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren