This imagetitleNorth side of pier
This imagehasTagDamascus
This imagehasTagEarly Islamic
This imagehasTagIslam
This imagehasTagMasjid
This imagehasTagMosaics
This imagehasTagSyria
This imagehasTagUmawwi
This imagehasTagUmayyad
This imagehasTagal-Umawwi
This imagehasTagharam
This imagehasTagislamic art
This imagehasTagmosque
This imagehasTagprayer
This imagehasTagsanctuary
This imagecommentNorth side of pier. Mosaics of Upper Intrados, West Riwaq: Bay Eight (from North). Photographs from the Masjid al-Umawwi, Damascus.
This imagehasVisualPartRegion A
This imagehasArtisticElementMosaics
This imagehasSettingDamascus
This imagehasSettingmosque
Region Ashowsmosaic which isOn pier which isPartOf arcade
which isPartOf mosque
This imagerights?2006 Said Nuseibeh Photography. All Rights Reserved.
This imageusageTermsOne-time, non-exclusive license granted to Beatrice Leal and Oxford Univerity for publication in volume on Umayyad Mosaics of Damascus.
This imageDateCreated2006-03-07
This imagelocationMasjid al-Umawwi
This imageScene011800
This imageCityDamascus
This imageCountrySyria
This imagecreatorSa?d Nuseibeh