This imagetitlePhantom Kabuki
This imagecomment a black silky transparent fabric, some bamboo sticks and some scribbles drawn with a marker on a clear plastic transparency.
This imagehasVisualPartRegion A
Region Aconveyskabuki
This imageshowslace which hasColor black
Region AlooksLikea phantom
This imageisInmmartphoto
This imageconveyspareidolia
This imageisInmmgallery01
This imagerightsMargaret Warren
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageWebStatementlicensing
This imageLicensorURLlicensing
This imageDateCreated2005-03-14
This imagelocationBobe house
This imagetechniqueMixed_media
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imagetechniquePhoto_film_techniques
This imagesubjectFine Art
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren
This imagehasSceneLocationPensacola, Florida