This imageisInWaterMediaCreatures
This imagesubjectexpressionist figurative work in watercolor and pen
This imagematerialsWatercolor
This imagestyleFigurative_art
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren
Region AlooksLikea mountain which isMadeOf stone
This imagetechniqueMixed_media
This imagecommentThis piece has been sold and is in a private collection.
This imagerights2012 Margaret Warren
This imagetitleRush Less
This imagehasVisualPartRegion A
This imageusesPictoriallya woman which is reclining
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageWebStatementlicensing
This imageLicensorURLlicensing
This imageDateCreated2012-06
This imagestyleNonrepresentational
This imagestyleOrganic
This imageisInmmgallery01