This imagetitleHitching a Ride
This imagecommentA brown booby sitting on the back of a green sea turtle in the Gulf of California off the coast of Baja, Mexico. 
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This imagehasVisualPartRegion B
This imagedepictsBrown Booby
This imagedepictsBrown Booby
This imagedepictsGreen Sea Turtle
This imagehasDepictedBackgroundwater
This imagehasDepictedBackgroundGulf of California
This imagehasSettinggulf of california
This imagehasDepictedBackgroundsalt water
This imageshowsBrown Booby which isInteractingWith green sea turtle
This imageshowsBrown Booby which isSittingOn Green sea turtle
This imageshowsspecies_interaction
This imagedepictsBrown Booby which isRidingOn Green Sea Turtle
Region AshowsBrown Booby
Region BshowsGreen Sea Turtle