This imagetitleSurfing with Psyche
This imagecommentSitting astride a test tube, is, what looks like a woman't torso with a large corpus callosum - and brain. The piece conveys a sens of the female figure - and the psychology of the 'soul' or 'Psyche' - with the large brain emerging from the torso and 'surfing' through a cosmic consciousness.?

It was literally constructed with a variety of elements layered in camera (no photoshop) including a test tube, an egg, a piece of jewelry, backlighting and a transparency.

The formalization of this image description is described in detail in an interview the creator had with Teodora Petkova published January 7, 2019.
This imagehasTagsurfing through the cosmos
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This imagehasTagvirtual surfboard
This imagehasTagcosmic brain
This imagehasTagpsyche
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Region EhasInForegroundtest tube
Region ClooksLiketorso which looksLike female form which conveys Psyche
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Region Dconveyssurfing
Region AlooksLikea brain
Region Fshowsegg yolk
Region GhasInBackgroundbrooch which looksLike corpus callosum
Region Hconveysdeep space
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This imageDateCreated2005
This imagelocationcreated in Gulf Breeze, Florida
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This imagematerialswordnet_jewelry_103597469
This imagematerialsFound_object
This imagematerialsegg
This imagematerialsWatercolor
This imagematerialsTest_tube
This imagematerialsTransparency_(projection)
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This imagetechniqueMixed_media
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imagesubjectPhotography
This imagecreatorMargaret Warren