This imagesubject09 Department of Agriculture- Forestry Camp
This imagetitleForestry Camp
This imagehasTag09
This imagehasTagDeptartment of Agriculture
This imagehasTagForestry Camp
This imagehasTagJune
This imagehasTag2009
This imagehasTagFall Creek Falls
This imagehasTag21842
This imagehasTag40385
This imagehasTagAndrew McMurtrie
This imagehasTagForestry
This imagehasTagFall Creek Falls State Park
This imagehasTagTennessee
This imagehasTagWaterfall
This imagecomment09 Department of Agriculture- Forestry Camp
This imagehasSettingFall Creek Falls State Park
This imagehasSettingTennessee
This imagedepictsWaterfall
This imagehasSettingdaytime
This imagedepictsscenic view
This imagedepictsFall Creek Falls
This imagehasSettingSpring
This imagerights(c) 2008 State of Tennessee
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This imageDateCreated2009-05-01
This imagelocationFall Creek Falls
This imageScene011000
This imageScene011200
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imageCity
This imageStateTennessee
This imageCountryUSA
This imagecreatorAndrew McMurtrie
This imagehasSceneLocationTennessee