This imagesubjectYellow flowers in Tennessee mountains
This imagetitleYellow flowers in mountains
This imagehasTaghaze
This imagehasTagyellow
This imagehasTagwildflower
This imagehasTagfield
This imagehasTagmountain
This imagehasTagflower
This imagehasTagTennessee
This imagehasTagspring
This imagecommentYellow flowers in mountains. The blue haze of distant mountains is offset by a field of abundant yellow wildflowers.
This imagedepictswildflower which hasColor yellow
This imagehasSettingspring
This imagedepictsfield which hasSetting Tennessee
This imagehasInBackgroundmountain which isCoveredWith haze
This imagehasSettingdaytime
This imagedepictsscenic view
This imagehasSettingGreat Smoky Mountains
This imagerights(c) State of Tennessee
This imageusageTermsFor editorial or personal use only. For other permission call 615-741-5487.
This imageScene011000
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imageStateTennessee
This imageCountryUSA
This imagecreatorPhoto_Services_State_of_Tennessee
This imagehasSceneLocationTennessee