This imagesubjectFrench Broad River in East Tennessee
This imagetitleFoggy mountain stream
This imagehasTagFrench Broad River
This imagehasTagfog
This imagehasTagmountain
This imagehasTagstream
This imagehasTagmorning
This imagehasTagsummer
This imagehasTagwind
This imagehasTagEast Tennessee
This imagecommentFoggy mountain stream The French Broad river winds its way through mountains and fog of East Tennessee.
This imagehasDepictedBackgroundmountains which areCoveredIn fog
This imagehasSettingmorning
This imageshowsFrench Broad River which hasSetting East Tennessee
This imagehasSettingsummer
This imagehasInBackgroundwater
This imagedepictsscenic view
This imagehasInForegroundtrees
This imagerights(c) State of Tennessee
This imageusageTermsFor editorial or personal use only. For other permission call 615-741-5487.
This imagelocationFrench Broad River
This imageScene011000
This imagetechniqueColor_photography
This imagetechnique300015636
This imageStateTennessee
This imageCountryUSA
This imagecreatorPhoto_Services_State_of_Tennessee
This imagehasSceneLocationEast Tennessee