This imagesubjectApollo
This imagetitleThe Adventures of the Magical Poodles
This imagehasTagMagical Poodles
This imagehasTagMichelle's Magical Poodles
This imagehasTagPoodle tricks
This imagehasTagdog tricks
This imagehasTagtoy poodles
This imagehasTagtrick dogs
This imagehasTagperforming dogs
This imagehasTagtrick poodles
This imagehasTagperforming poodles
This imagecommentThis photo is of Apollo, a 4 year old poodle owned by Michelle Harrell. This photo was taken to be part of a children's book, written by Michelle Harrell called; The Adventures of the Magical Poodles, Hey, That's My Brother. This photo was taken in Comer, Georgia by Marisu Wehrenberg
This imageshowsapollo
This imageshowsa toy poodle
This imagehasSettinga flower garden
This imagehasInBackgrounda flowers
This imageDateCreated2014-05-28
This imagecreatorMichelle Harrell
This imagehasSceneLocationComer Georgia