This imagesubjectEmilio performing
This imagetitleBradenton Regatta
This imagehasTagMichelle's Magical Poodles
This imagehasTagMagical Poodles
This imagehasTagpoodle tricks
This imagehasTagperforming poodles
This imagehasTagperforming dogs
This imagehasTagdog tricks
This imagehasTagpoodle tricks
This imagehasTagmagic trick
This imagehasTaghula hoop trick
This imagehasTagtoy poodles
This imagehasTagperforming toy poodles
This imagecommentThis photo was taken at Bradenton Regatta, Bradenton Florida, February 2015. The white, toy poodle in this photo is Emilio, part of Michelle's Magical Poodles and Skybound Canine Entertainment. Emilio is performing a double barrel hoop trick with owner/trainer Michelle Harrell
This imageshowsa toy poodle
This imageshowsEmilio
This imageshowsa dog trick
This imagehasSettinga festival
This imagehasInBackgrounda wagon
This imageshowsMichelle Harrell
This imageDateCreated2015-02-07
This imagecreatorMichelle Harrell