This imagesubjectdog show
This imagetitleApollo first day
This imagehasTagdog tricks
This imagehasTagpoodle tricks
This imagehasTagDog Show
This imagehasTagperforming poodles
This imagehasTagdogs on stage
This imagehasTagcanine tricks
This imagecommentThe white toy poodle is named Apollo, and is part of a performing canine show called Michelle's Magical Poodles. The trainer who is holding the hoop is Michelle Harrell. This photo is taken onstage during the Montgomery County Fair in Gaithersburg MD in August 2012.
This imagehasSettinga fair
This imageshowsMichelle Harrell
This imageshowsa toy poodle
This imageshowshula hoop
This imagehasInBackgrounda wagon
This imageCityGulf Breeze
This imageStateFlorida
This imageCountryUSA
This imagecreatorMichelle Harrell