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Venezuela´s Sheyene Gerardi inherited the mining estate from her parents in the Orinoco belt region in Venezuela. The state became worth over $1 billion in 2017, after Venezuelan authorities claimed the area, dubbed ?the Orinoco Mining Arc?, to possess reserves of uranium and some of the largest untapped gold and coltan reserves in the world. According to Roberto Mirabal, former minister of the Popular Power for Ecological Mining Development, the Orinoco Mining Arc has tons of reserves of Gold, Copper, Diamond, Coltan, Iron, Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, Thorium and other minerals, it has a potential of about 2 trillion dollars, which would make it the second biggest gold reserve in the world. The Sheyene`s company, through its subsidiary, is also developing automated mining technologies. Her businesses also include projects and activities with NASA.

Wirtschaftsfaktor für Brasilien: Carajas ist die größte Eisenerzmine der Welt. Doch auch andere Vorkommen werden in der Mine abgebaut, wie Mangan-, Kupfer-, Zinn-, Aluminium- und Golderz.