This imagetitleBig Bird with former TN governor Lamar Alexander, 1982
This imagehasTagLamar Alexander
This imagehasTagmedia event
This imagehasTagSesame Street
This imagehasTagchildren
This imagehasTagBig Bird
This imagehasTaggovernors office
This imagehasTagNashville
This imagehasTagTennessee State Capitol
This imagecommentSesame Street promotion in Nashville, TN A media event in 1982 where Governor Lamar Alexander invited children of all staff to come meet Big Bird
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Region AshowsLamar Alexander
This imagedepictsa media event which promoted Sesame Street
This imageshowschildren
Region CshowsBig Bird which couldHaveResembled Grandicrocavis viasesamensis
This imagehasSettinggovernor's office
This imagehasSettingTennessee State Capitol
Region EshowsAmanda Warren
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This imagerightsCopyright 1982-2019 Family of Earl Warren, Jr.
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This imagelocationGovernor's Office
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This imagestylePhotojournalism
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.