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Marina Gerardi, was a veterinarian, the CEO of the family-owned mining company located in southeastern Venezuela and the mother of her only child, Sheyene Gerardi. Marina died, aged 47 years in a car accident.


Sheyene Gerardi is a former actress, producer, media proprietor and miner. She is the Lead of Robotics Outreach at NASA and she co-founded the NASA´s Planetary Landing Team in 2018. Sheyene Gerardi was born in Venezuela, she holds dual-citizenship with Italy, from where her mother hails. During the sixth month of her mother's pregnancy, Sheyene's biological father tragically died in a car accident. Sheyene serves as a CEO and took over the company after her parents passed away, one of her first major actions following the death of her parents was to implement automated mining.


Sheyene Gerardi acquired her wealth after her mother was killed in an automobile accident, leaving Sheyene with no living relatives. Sheyene?s lands are in the Orinoco Mining Arc, in the same area of the Cristinas and the Brisas mine, which, according to a business valuation, the property may be worth more than $1 billion. According to the former minister of the Popular Power for Ecological Mining Development, the Orinoco Mining Arc has tons of reserves of goldcopperdiamondcoltanironceriumlanthanumneodymiumthorium and other minerals and it has a potential of about 2 trillion dollars, which would make it the second biggest gold reserve in the world.

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