This imagetitleGenny Lim performs in Jon Jang's "SenseUs!" for Festival 2000, October 1990.
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Genny Lim performs at San Francisco?s Festival 2000, a 23-day arts festival held in 1990. Jon Jang?s SenseUS featured musicians Max Roach, John Santos, Jang with poets Sonia Sanchez, Victor Hernandez Cruz and Genny Lim.

"During the summer of 1989, there was a press release announcement about a multicultural arts festival called Festival 2000 that will present performances, concerts and exhibitions during the entire month of October in 1990. Festival 2000 also announced that they will be commissioning new works to premiere at the festival through an application process.

I met with Francis Wong and Joe Lambert, who was the Executive Director of Life on the Water, a mid-size experimental theater company located at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco? Joe came up with the title of the project: SenseUs! or it could be written as SenseUS! SenseUs is a pun for the 1990 Census.  SenseUs! could also serve as clarion call to sense artists of color in the context of the multicultural arts wars in San Francisco. SenseUS! could also mean to Sense the United States including people of color not just white America."

? East Wind ezine ?Act VIII SenseUS! or CensorUS?? Jon Jang Sounds of Struggle, Parts 7-9: Movement Music
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This imageAltTextAccessibilityIn this sepia toned photo, Chinese American poet Genny Lim stands close to the microphone, gesturing with both hands raised, as she performs in Jon Jang's ?SenseUs!? for Festival 2000, October 1990.
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