This imagetitle The Freeze at TEDxSFED (2011)
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Brain Freeze with eight blue marbles for the members of The Freeze after their performance at TEDxSFED. Andrew Bancroft, Daveed Diggs and SFUSD's Artistic Director Susan Stauter get their Blue Minds on with a ceramic blue brain made by a student from the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts.

The TEDxSFED performance featured Andrew Bancroft (Jelly Donut), Daveed Diggs (Mr. Diggs), Kyra Gordon (Super K), Olive Mitra (Junkyard), Sanjay Pardanani (P.I.O.M.), Brian Rodvien (Gift of Godvien), Mike Smith (Agent Smith), and Anthony Veneziale (Two Touch).

The Freeze, half improvisational comedy/ half freestyle hip hop, were founded by Anthony Veneziale (Freestyle Love Supreme & The Electric Company) and composed of Bay Area musicians, teachers, and improvisers who are pushing the limit of jazz and hip hop.
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