This imagehasSettingEl Salvador
This imageDateCreated2020-06-07
This imageshowssignage which looksLike sea turtle
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This imagecreatorEnriqueta Ramirez
This imagetitle Vivazul Sea Turtles (2012)
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This imageshowsmarble (toy) which hasColor blue
This imagecommentViVAZUL El Salvador cared for this turtle nest, sponsored with proceeds earned from recycling waste gathered at school by students - old toothbrushes, juice bags, ziploc bags, used printer cartridges, broken cell phones and cameras. The children enjoyed knowing that they could help sea turtles by keeping these items out of the garbage with Although the main season for sea turtles is during El Salvador's "winter" in July- November, this nest was saved from an olive ridley mom on January 14th. Coincidentally, the nest has 72 eggs. Since Rooftop School was founded in 1972, this sea turtle nest was a great way to celebrate the school's 40th Birthday
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