This imagetitle National Walkout Day (2018)
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This imagehasTagCynthia Vaughn
This imagehasTagLaura Jean Ruppert
This imagehasTagMarch for Our Lives
This imagedepictsa mandala
This imageisRelatedBlue Marbles Project
This imageshowsblue marble
This imageshowsmarble (toy) which hasColor blue
This imageisRelatedacross-the-country-students-walk-out-to-protest-gun-violence
This imageisRelatedritual
This imagehasSettingRooftop Alternative School
This imageshowsbranches which is eucalyptus
This imageshowspetal which is rose
This imageshowsoxalis
This imagehasInBackgroundsidewalk
This imageconveyshealing
This imagerights2018 Andi Wong
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This imageisRelated2018 Andi Wong
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This imageAltTextAccessibilitySeventeen shiny blue marbles rest in a circle of red rose petals ringed in blue rose petals encircled by eucalyptus branches, a mandala constructed on the sidewalk for National Walkout Day 2018.
This imagecreatorAndi Wong