This image isRelatedBlue Marbles Project
This imageshowsmarble (toy) which hasColor Blue
This imageshowsmarble (toy) which hasColor blue
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This imagetitle Eric Johnston aka Batkid's Batman (2019)
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This imageshowsblue marble
This imageshowsblue marble
This imageshowsBlue Marble
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This imageshowsa smile
This imageshowsa smile
Region AshowsBlue Marble
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This imageisRelatedBlue Marbles Project
This imageisRelatedBlue Marbles Project
This imageshowsblue game
This imagecommentOne blue marble for actor/inventor Eric Johnston, aka Batman, who demonstrates the wrist projector that delivered the top secret information from city officials that enable Batkid to save ?Gotham City,? also known as San Francisco in 2013. Johnston delivered the good news that Miles Scott is healthy and cancer free at a SFFILM Education screening of ?Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World? in the Phyllis Wattis Theater at SFMOMA in 2019.
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This imagehasTagBatkid
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This imageisRelatedblue game
This imageshowsmarble (toy) which isColor blue
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