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This imagecommentI am delighted to launch Sheyene Gerardi - ECO program, to defy the myth that in order to have prospects in the space industry, you have to be a ?rocket scientist?. Rockets are just a transport segment. They are important but we need a wide spectrum of skills and sectors to enable space settlement. There are plenty of opportunities to embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another and to extend the business landscape for the people, particularly at a time when the nature of work is being transformed by rapidly changing technologies, which place extra emphasis on the acquisition of new skills and adaptation to new ways of working. I aim to highlight the positive ?ripple effect? through which individual empowerment can be transmitted to other aspects of life, by having a decent work and economic growth, wherever they are in the world. Sheyene Gerardi - ECO program is also my commitment to create a better world for women. There is no reason why women could not be part of the commercial space ecosystem pushing the final frontier. I recognize the role we can play in achieving gender equality and empowering more women and men, wider communities, and even future generations.
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