This imagesubjectBoy's Jacket, Japanese, printed cotton, plaid kasuri
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This imagecommentPermanent collection item in the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. Boy's Jacket, Japanese, printed cotton, plaid kasuri, 23x33. Propaganda Kimono. Height 58.42, width 83.82. Early date 1900, late date 1950. This child?s jacket has a kasuri exterior. The lining shows expansionist symbols. Chinese buildings, planes, victory lanterns, battleships and solders allude to Manchuria. Origin: Japan. Provenance: Erik Jacobsen.
This imageshowsbattleship
This imagedepictspropaganda_kimono which isFor boy
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This imagedepictsjacket
This imagedepictsitem_2014.13.09
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This imagetechniqueKasuri
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