CWD H/J Saddle
CWD H/J Saddle
This is a picture of a CWD Sellier Hunter/Jumper saddle. This saddle is a close contact saddle for use on flatwork and over fences. A close contact saddle gives the rider a fuller range of motion regardless of their discipline. The saddle features wider, concave panels for horses with larger shoulders to give freedom of movement for the horse's shoulders. The gullet panel is wide from pommel to cantle to allow ample room for the horse's spine. The shorter, flexible tree points also allows for more freedom for shoulder movement as it does not pinch the horse's shoulders.The sweat flap is contoured for to allow for more lower leg contact against the horse's sides. There are also small thigh and knee blocks for added stability without restricting the rider's leg. The CWD also features a 3-point girth system to alleviate pressure points on the horse's back while offering more saddle stability for the rider. This saddle has foam filled panels and does not need to be re-flocked. It is dark brown in color and is made of full grain and calf leather. It is a size 16.5. (The Swarovski crystals were added to the keeper after market.)
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