Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk
Deer Canyon, Arroyo Grande CA. March 2006. The photo is actually fairly fortuitous, typical of my bird photography. This hawk hunts around our house regularly, often perching on a post outside the living room. I cracked open the living room door, hand-holding my 300mm lens, and fired off a series. This image is cropped by 50% to get the portrait effect. The soft, even background--of the "bokeh", or "DOF" sort admired by many--is a grove of live oaks in early morning light about 10 yards distant. Morning light provides the glow and fully saturated image, a Canon 550 EX suffused the near side to fill the light evenly. The same bird exposed the same way in the same spot at mid-day would have produced a harsher image--morning (or late afternoon) light is key. Classically, focus on the eye obscures the softness of the near edge of the bird.
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