Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Yesterday was a overcast but bright day. She is 25' above my head & 300mm away. My Female Cooper Hawk searching for Lunch while her mate is dressing their nest in preparation of their new arrivals. The average size of an adult male ranges from 280 to 350 g with a length between 35 and 46 cm. The adult male is significantly smaller than the average female, which are 440 to 570 g and 42 to 50 cm long. Individuals living in the eastern regions tend to be larger and heavier than those in the western regions. All have short rounded wings and a very long tail with dark bands, round-ended at the tip. Adults have red eyes and have a black cap, with blue-gray upper parts and white underparts with fine, thin, reddish bars. Their tail is blue gray on top and pale underneath, barred with black bands. Immatures have yellow eyes and have a brown cap, with brown upper parts and pale underparts with thin black streaks mostly ending at the belly. Their tail is brown on top and pale underneath, barred with dark bands. The eyes of this hawk, as in most predatory birds, face forward, enabling good depth perception for hunting and catching prey while flying at top speeds.
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