1841-1843 Martin & Coupa Guitar
1841-1843 Martin & Coupa Guitar
1841-1843 Martin & Coupa Guitar
1841-1843 Martin & Coupa Kempton Vintage Guitars collection: guitar G004 The guitar has Brazilian rosewood sides and back with the back being book-matched from two pieces of wood. Like other early Martin guitars it is lined with a veneer of a different type of wood. The veneer is usually spruce or mahogany but this guitar is lined with a single piece of goncalo alves (known to Martin as “zebrawood”). The guitar has a five-strut fan brace and an ebony tie pyramid bridge with an ivory insert saddle. The lining is solid and continuous rather than being kerfed. The guitar originally had an arced-shaped piece of spruce under the neck block (rather than the shield-shaped Spanish foot usually seen on later Martin & Coupas) but this was trimmed during a repair. A dotted line in the photo indicates the size of the neck block support. The German silver tuning machine is of Viennese manufacture. This is commonly known as a Stauffer head stock but Martin often called this type of machine a “one side screw”. The head stock is a particularly fine example with the sides being veneered in ivory. The ivory veneer makes a stunning contrast with the ebony neck. The neck appears to be stained or painted. As with all black necks, the heel has an “ice cream cone” shape. The top purfling is particularly fine and both the top and back are bound with ivory. The inner sound hole ring has small inlaid pearl squares inlaid into ebony. Another interesting feature is the side fillet purfling around the top and bottom of the guitar. There is a very interesting repair label of A. A. Dorn, Springfield MA glued to the neck block and dated 1895. The guitar has repaired cracks on the top, sides and back. A crack in the end block has also been repaired. The bridge is original. The finish has been touched up at some point, but there is a lot of original finish left.
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