Saguaro Flowers
Saguaro Flowers
Saguaro Flowers
The sun dips behind a palm tree on the beach in Carlsbad CA as a sail boat heads home. The setting sun illuminates the clouds, giving a soft glow to this scene around Bell Rock near Sedona, AZ. The hiking trail is a popular path with views all around this local landmark. The saguaro cactus framed by white waves of snow covered bushes and feather like clouds makes a unique sight in the desert. But look quick, this scene from Honey Bee Canyon in Tucson AZ, will soon be melted by the afternoon sun. A colorful sunset silhouettes the saguaro cacti, at Catalina State Park in Tucson AZ, as the winter storm clouds gather, before the pending snow storm. The Sonoran Desert sky is often dramatic as the weather changes and storms gather. Summer monsoon clouds gather around Courthouse Butte, providing a dramatic background for this scene in Red Rock Country. Many of the large rocks around Sedona, AZ have names and this local landmark is no exception. Desert Rock Garden A sunset near Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park. Rain clouds were clearing as the sun set behind this Joshua Tree. A sunstar appears as the rays of sunlight light up the desert landscape. Orange sky and blue mountains provide a colorful evening at Joshua Tree National Park. The iconic Joshua Tree stands out against the sky as this late spring day comes to a close. Joshua trees, the namesake of Joshua Tree National Park, along with the unique boulder outcroppings give an almost “other world” view. The clearing storm clouds had brought rain to the desert and gave the boulders extra color. Baloon adventures are a popular activity seen hear floating slowly past Cockscomb Rock a West Sedona landmark. Late spring is the time for saguaro flowers that mark the season, much like autumn leaves in other parts of the country. The bee seems intent on visiting each of these unique and colorful reminders of spring in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson AZ.
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