Gallery View - South & West Wall
Gallery View - South & West Wall
Gallery View - South & West Wall
From the show When Johnny Comes Marching Home, at Artel Gallery in Pensacola, Florida February 20 - March 30, 2007 Juror: Lonnie Rich Juror?s Statement The artistic theme, ?When Johnny Comes Marching Home?, provided very restrictive boundaries for Artel artists to work within. As juror, I also found it challenging to limit and to reject quality artworks simply because they stepped outside the guidelines of this narrow theme. The evaluation of artworks requires the consideration of two major concepts found within the study of art: form and content. Some of the submitted artworks were carried more by the strength of their content (their emotional impact), while other pieces drew strength from the form (the physical characteristics). The stance, intent, or consciousness of the artist determines how the balance between the physical appearance and the emotional expression is presented and experienced. As you view the exhibition, you will find physical evidence of artistic experimentation and struggle. You will become acutely aware that some artists may have first hand, personal experiences with the theme. There is the use of symbolic imagery pulled from the deep recesses of the psyche which require you as the viewer to contemplate all the possible meanings and interpretations. You will even see how some artists chose to utilize humorous or satirical approaches as a means of dealing with the subject matter. However, the entire body of work presented in this show represents what I felt was the basic mandate of the subject matter, while also maintaining a level of quality everyone expects from Artel Gallery. Lonnie Rich
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