Fossilized Snakefly
Fossilized Snakefly
Fossilized insect, a snakefly (Infraclass Neoptera; Order Raphidioptera) from the Crato Formation on the Araripe Plateau (also known as the Araripe Basin or the Chapada do Araripe) of northeastern Brazil. Wingspan of the upper wings of this specimen measures 5.7cm. These limestone strata of early Cretaceous age (about 108 million years old) contain some of the world's most diverse and best-preserved assemblages of arthropods and plants deposited in the heart of the Gondwana supercontinent. Flowering plants (angiosperms) were just beginning to diversify at this time, along with the co-evolution of insects as their pollinators, providing an important window to the evolution of life on Earth. This formation is a world-class fossil Lagerstaette (undisturbed fossil accumulation) for paleontology. Specimen courtesy of Merv Feick of Indiana9 Fossils, Desoto, Missouri. Please acknowledge both the photographer and the supplier of the specimen in publication credits.
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