a blue meditation piece with a mandala and a kite
The Kite
a blue meditation piece with a mandala and a kite
The piece illustrates a dream I had of my soul, literally represented as an osprey in my dream, entangled by a kite string as the kite had been drifting along. In the dream, I had the task of untangling the osprey. The dream represented two things to me: 1st the idea that we don't always knowingly choose a path that will entangle us, so we should be gentler with ourselves , much like a sea turtle unknowingly swims into a net and 2nd that we cannot solve problems with the same mind that created them which is paraphrased from a quote by Einstein. I used an image of myself which was taken as a pinhole photograph just before my life took a dramatic shift - for those who are familiar with the gulf coast, this image was taken in the dunes between Navarre Beach & Pensacola Beach 3 weeks before Hurricanes Ivan and then Dennis wiped out not only the dunes, but the Navarre Beach road as well and uprooted homes, businesses and lives. The spiral represents a mandala, used as a focus in meditation to untangle the mind. I won an honorable mention for this image at Artel Gallery in 2005.
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