Artist/author/performer Faith Ringgold receives one Blue Marble.
The Blue Marbles Project: Faith Ringgold (2014)
Artist/author/performer Faith Ringgold receives one Blue Marble.
Before she delivered her keynote for Art In ActionÆs arts education benefit, Soirée at Sunset 2014 thanks to Mara Grimes, we met Faith. Mara created Art In Action’s free art lesson on Faith’s book, “Tar Beach,” a story of 8-year old Cassie Lightfoot, who flies through the sky on a summer night in 1939 Harlem and dreams of a life of possibilities beyond her surroundings.

This blue marble was given to Faith as a gift from a young author/illustrator who was inspired by Faith’s children’s books. Ella, wrote “Tusa's Baby Sea Turtles,” a book that was awarded first prize in the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking competition.

Faith’s story, How the People Became Color Blind, was the inspiration for Little Free Library #9859 which was created by the Susty Girls at Rooftop School for the Tenderloin National Forest.

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