The Blue Marbles Project: Homero Aridjis (2016)
The Blue Marbles Project: Homero Aridjis (2016)
#1BlueMarble for "The Child Poet" - Homero Aridjis, a true defender of the word and world. In 1985, he organized the Group of 100 -- a group of prominent artists and writers, including Octavio Paz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Rufino Tamayo -- to defend biodiversity in Mexico and Latin America. An advocate for nature, Aridjis speaks for sea turtles, Pacific gray whales and his beloved monarch butterflies. At the age of ten, Homero suffered traumatic injuries in an accident, but the event also set him on his path to becoming one of Mexico's greatest poets. During his reading at Green Apple Books, he said that his father saved him with the gift of two books. One was a book by Emilio Salgari, a tale of pirates traveling the globe to battle injustice and corruption. The other was a collection of stories by The Brother's Grimm, which included the tale of "Godfather Death." "The Child Poet" by Homero & Chloe Aridjis:
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