The Blue Marbles Project: Constance Hockaday (2016)
The Blue Marbles Project: Constance Hockaday (2016)
Constance Hockaday is an artist who historically works with boats and urban waterways. In 2016, she received one blue marble in the radio room on President Franklin D. Roosevelt?s presidential yacht, The USS Potomac, which was dubbed, ?The Floating White House.? Her upcoming project, Artists-In-Presidents: Fireside Chats for 2020†is an art project inspired by Franklin Delano Roosevelt?s Depression-era Fireside Chats. Artists, writers, performers and musicians from a wide range of cultural realities have been invited to assume an authority over our collective future, to define what we could become together as a nation. FDR's radio address from the U.S.S. Potomac, March 29, 1941
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