The Blue Marbles Project: Greg Niemeyer (2021)
The Blue Marbles Project: Greg Niemeyer (2021)
One Blue Marble for "Quantopia" collaborator, data artist Greg Niemeyer, whose work helps people to connect with water in such interesting ways. Greg's data manifestations are materializations of abstract data into stuff that people can feel. "The Metered Tide" and "Water Bell" manifest sea water levels as music. "Ice Core Walk" manifests climate data stored in the Vostok Ice Core through walking, music and narratives. "Quantopia" and "Network Paradox" manifest the myriad different ways in which networks can connect to define emergent ways of life. Niemeyer's work includes collaborations across disciplines and across media from gravure etchings to VR, always with an eye for the poetic foundations of technical protocols. Niemeyer installs data manifestations in museums and galleries, but also in public places like cityscapes, nightclubs, trains, parks and wilderness. For his latest project, "Flows to the Bay," he sonified and visualized a year’s worth of water data (2020) from his home town, Richmond CA. In a short data music video, Greg combined the visual and sonic data manifestations with a long 360˚ video pan filmed at the West County Wastewater District’s Water Quality and Resource Reclamation Plant in Richmond. It seemed only fitting to pass this blue marble along in thanks as the construction crews were noisily working behind him to replace the sewer main!
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