The Blue Marbles Project: Makasa Looking Horse (2022)
The Blue Marbles Project: Makasa Looking Horse (2022)
The Blue Marbles Project: Makasa Looking Horse (2022)
Blue Marbles for the Ohneganos team passed to Makasa Looking Horse at DWeb Camp 2022. Ohneganos is an Indigenous water research program led by McMaster University Professor, Dr. Dawn Martin Hill. Makasa is the host of the project’s interactive, student-led YouTube series on water security and climate change called “Ohneganos: Let’s Talk Water.”

The Ohneganos Water Research Project is creating a virtual reality (VR) experience to engage youth and teach people about the importance of water and the lack of clean drinking water access in many communities. 
The VR experience allows people to immerse themselves virtually as they travel through time in a canoe down the Grand River, learning about traditional Haudenosaunee culture and witnessing the world around them transform. The journey tells the Indigenous story of Skywoman and how the earth was created and how it came from water.

Makasa kindly shared the story of Sky Woman with the children during Talking Stick Storytime at the Be Water Waystation. Each morning, children were invited to come to hear a Native American legend that has been passed on from generation to generation, as told by our special guest Storyteller of the Day.
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