The Blue Marbles Project: Nancy DeStefanis (2023)
The Blue Marbles Project: Nancy DeStefanis (2023)
The Blue Marbles Project: Nancy DeStefanis (2023)
Joanie, Norma and Andi were sitting on a park bench, enjoying the gorgeous sunset view at Stow Lake, when we sighted with two great blue herons perched high in a tree, and who should come by but “The Heron Lady”!

Nancy DeStefanis, Executive Director of San Francisco Nature Education, discovered the first documented nesting of great blue herons in the city of San Francisco in 1993. It became her mission to share her passion for the birds with school children, as well as the broader community.

Nancy filled us in the 2023 schedule for SF Nature's premiere program, Heron Watch, which takes place over six Saturdays during the Spring Nesting Season in April and May, when volunteers and interns will direct attention to the herons and chicks, explain their behavior, and answer questions.

Keep an eye out for Nancy and Heron Watch volunteers at the observation site set up on the Eastern edge of the Stow Lake to join one of their free Saturday public programs.

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