When you upload an image to IS and use the IS interface to add metadata (including copyright information), you agree that IS may openly publish your image and metadata for discoverability by Web search engines and semantically aware applications, that your image will be discoverable by the IS search engines, and that ImageSnippets may use the metadata for research purposes with the goal of improving the application of deep, persistent, re-usable linked data with images for the purpose of curation and digital preservation.

IS research use will not make use of your personal information other than as part of an image search pattern, and will access your images only to track their relationship to metadata, for statistical purposes.

IS will not sell or make any commercial use of your images.

IS will not alter or modify your images or use them to create other images, other than to reduce the file size for image storage when you upload an image.

IS will make its best effort to maintain the link between your metadata and your image and to clearly attach your rights to your work. But if, after open publication, they are used in other ways or for purposes other than what has been identified here by third parties unconnected with or outside the control of ImageSnippets, ImageSnippets is not responsible for such use.