Welcome to ImageSnippets!

ImageSnippets™ is an easy to use system for creating structured, transportable metadata for your images. It can be used as a digital asset management tool as well as a publishing platform. The power of the system comes from saving your keywords and other metadata in the form of 'triple-tags' which are then linked to a larger web of data across the internet. The triple-tags can be used for better searches within the IS system and also published to the web for use by other services. IS can also be used within a closed, but collaborative environment for organizations who do not wish to have their data openly published or as a stand-alone tool for asset management only.

Triple-Tags have:

a subject, a property and an object

The subject of the image can either be the image or a region in the image.

The property describes how the keyword relates to the image, such as: "depicts" or "shows".

The object is like a normal keyword phrase or tag, such as: "Burt Reynolds" or "Björn Waldegärd.

We recommend looking over our Visual Guide to the Properties before you begin triple-tagging your images. We also recommend performing some semantic searches for words like: New Orleans or Picasso or try the words: window or bird to see how the properties work in action.

Click on The Basics page to quickly familiarize yourself with the interface and look over a few simple steps to get you started. To begin Triple-Tagging at any time, select the "My Images" window and start linking and/or upload your images.

Note: In the beta version, all images are publically searchable. Privacy options will be available in future versions.

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