Datasets and the Look-Up

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As you create your triple-tags, ImageSnippets™ has an automatic look-up feature which queries sets of data containing definitions for many entities. Selecting the best match allows you to disambiguate your object value/keyword.

Try to find an appropriate match within DBPedia first as more linked data search functions can be taken advantage of with a DBPedia entry. If a match cannot be found in DBPedia make a selection from Yago or one of the other datasets available. If no match can be found, you can consider creating a new entity in an existing ImageSnippets™ dataset.

For more information on the datasets and creating new entities, see Creating New Entities and Datasets

How to Use the Look-Up Feature:

When you have entered a word or phrase for your object value/keyword, the text will first display in red and an exclamation point will appear.

The red text indicates that an entity has not yet been chosen for your object value/keyword by the user.

A black exclamation point indicates that a possible match has been found. Click on the exclamation point to pick an appropriate match.

A red exclamation point indicates that no appropriate match has been found, but you still have the option of creating an entity in another dataset.

See Creating New Entities and Datasets for more information

After you have selected a match, you can now hover over the term in the triple-tag, and the URI (Universal Resource Indicator) for the entity that you selected will be displayed.

Because the datasets work like dictionaries, sometimes you need to simplify the term to find it. For example, you may need to remove articles, plurals, and abbreviations.

You can try entering a similar word, however, you should try to find a definition closest to your intended meaning. As you work with ImageSnippets™, the system will adjust to move your most often chosen responses to the top of the list for easier retrieval.