Creating Complex Triples

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You can build more complex expressions about your image by linking triple-tags with a "which" clause.

After you have created a basic triple-tag, hover over the triple-tag, Plus and Minus signs will appear. Select the plus sign and a "which" statement is started for you: which__[relation]__[value].

It is highly recommended to use the eleven pre-defined properties for consistency, but at any point, advanced users can either type in their own properties, or type in new ones.

Consistency helps build stronger search results, so we recommend that you do not add your own properties for the base triple-tag, but sometimes they are helpful in a "which" statement.

If you are an advanced user, or you are using a custom-dataset, you may use other custom-defined properties or you can type in your own properties at any time using standard notation, as in: foaf:depicts, etc. You can also add your own namespace to the 'namespace' button located in any triple-editor window.

To add a new property on the fly, in the [relation] field and use the lio namespace followed by a colon:
For example: lio:hasMfr (or lio:hasManufacturer)

Typing in properties on the fly does not actually add the property to the lio ontology, however it does let you build a syntactically correct triple that can be searched with the semantic search.

Adding a property might be useful in specific cases where you are uploading many images that have the same, unique property.
For example: