Creating and Adding New Entities

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While working with ImageSnippets™, there are many places where users are asked to look-up matches for their object terms in datasets. Some of these datasets are publically available sources of linked data - such as Dbpedia and Yago, while other datasets have been created internally. There are times when users cannot find an appropriate match for their term, in which case, a red exclamation point will appear. At other times, a user might find a match, but it is not exactly correct for their use.

IS provides a way for users to create and/or add their own entities or datasets. This area is generally recommended for users who have spent some time with the system.

Datasets and Entities:

Users can subscribe to as many datasets as they would like to use for looking up terms they might be using to describe their images. They can also create new datasets which only they might use privately, datasets that can be created in an enterprise setting or datasets that everyone might benefit from.

Entities that might be useful to many other users can be added to the general ImageSnippets™ dataset.

For example: a user takes many photos at a newly built baseball park. The baseball park is not found in any publically available dataset. As shown below, this kind of entity is a good candidate to be added in the ImageSnippets(tm) dataset as other users might find it useful.

An example of a case for your own personal dataset would be to add entities for your pets, children, distant relatives - any thing that might be used by people you would know who might subscribe to your dataset, but a large majority of people would not need to look up entities in your dataset.

We have added a few specialized datasets for several different topics already: Art Terms, Porsche Terms, Home and Kitchen Terms and Wedding terminology are a few example of datasets in progress. These datasets are changing frequently and there is some messy data here as the application is being developed. Datasets or entities cannot be deleted if they are being used in any triple tag.

When creating a new entity, first choose what type of entity you are creating. The options are: Person, Place, Event, Living Thing, Physical Object, Other or 'Create New'.

Other might be a concept or other abstract, non-tangible entity.

Most users will choose from one of the existing types. Advanced users may want to define new types.

An example of an entity added to the ImageSnippets™ dataset.
Users can also add entities directly from the User Dataset page if they have permission to edit the dataset.

You can also edit or delete entities from this page, however, you must be the person who created the entity and you must be signed into the account you used to create the entity.

If there are triple-tags in the image data that use this entity, you will not be allowed to delete the entity. You must delete the triple-tags using the entity first and then you can delete the entity.

Note - you cannot edit public datasets such as Dbpedia or Yago.

Upon request we can load custom datasets or import large collections of entities into a dataset for enterprise or group use.

Creating new datasets can be accomplished at the same time a new entity is created.

The user can select their desired permissions level at this time.